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December 28, 2007 0 Comments

Explain the terms and conditions under which you produce your site.


You are bound by the Data Protection Act. You must give information about:

  • whether you use cookies or not;
  • whether you ask for personal information or not, or just accept personal information volunteered by the user, for example, if they send you an e-mail;
  • what you do with this personal information.


You have copyright to the information on your site. However you may wish to give users various permissions, for example:

  • to reproduce your information as long as this is done accurately, the source is identified and your copyright is acknowledged;
  • to link directly to individual pages or resources within your site (deep linking).


Explain your policy and procedures for ensuring that the information on your site is correct, for example, Expert Medical Panel, Editorial Board.

Links to other sites

Explain your policy for making links , and how you judge the quality of these sites.

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