The First Baby Born Using the Safer IVF Treatment

A healthy baby who is now nearly 8 years old has become the world’s first IVF baby that was created using the safer method.

UK doctors at Hammersmith Hospital now hope that this news can help recognise the importance of this method and how it is much safer for people to opt for this treatment  and avoid the rare but fatal complication with using the conventional IVF treatment.

The problem with the conventional IVF treatment is that one in 100 women who undergo the IVF treatment will develop a medical condition called ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome which causes the women to produce an overload of eggs when only a few eggs are desired. Also the syndrome will develop mild symptoms with some actually becoming very ill and dying.

But now experts have found a way to prevent this from happening by making the IVF treatment safer by using kisspeptin.

By using the kisspeptin it will allow the women to release the egg in a more natural way.

Now a family have been blessed with the new treatment proving that it is just as effective and safer.

Dre Geoffrey Trew who runs an IVF clinic at Hammersmith hospital said: “We’re absolutely thrilled that this study has resulted in the birth of a healthy baby boy.

“Each year, thousands of couples in the UK start families using IVF treatment and if we can work towards eliminating the risk of OHSS, using the naturally occurring hormone kisspeptin, we can hopefully help even more women and make the treatment potentially safer.”


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