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George King, Giant Baby Allowed to go Home

George king the baby who was born almost twice the size of an average baby has now returned to his home with his parents in Reddings, Cheltenham. He was born weighing 15 lbs 7 ounce. He was born naturally at Gloucestershire Royal hospital but he was given a 10 percent chance of survival because his [...]

Study Shows That Vitamin D Doesn’t aid Child’s Bones During Pregnancy

A report has shown that official health guidelines could be over exaggeration the importance of taking vitamin D supplements during pregnancy. The study looked at 4,000 pairs of mother and child and found that maternal vitamin levels are not associated with bone health later in life. Professor Debbie Lawlor of the University of Bristol said: “We believe that [...]

Coca-Cola to Make Sprite With Natural Sweeteners to cut Down 30% Calories

The whole recipe for the sprite we drink today is to be scrapped to make way for a new natural recipe that will have less calories. The recipe of the drink is being changed to lower the number of calories an issue called upon by the government but critics fear that the drink will not taste the same and could have a strange [...]

Experts Call on to Goverment to put in Place Minimum Alcohol Price

Experts have called onto the government to put in place the minimum alcohol price that they are planning sooner to combat the UK’s alcohol problem by putting a 50p minimum price per unit. The plan has already been put in place in Scotland and now experts fear if it is not put in place in England before it gets [...]

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