Coca-Cola to Make Sprite With Natural Sweeteners to cut Down 30% Calories

The whole recipe for the sprite we drink today is to be scrapped to make way for a new natural recipe that will have less calories.

The recipe of the drink is being changed to lower the number of calories an issue called upon by the government but critics fear that the drink will not taste the same and could have a strange after taste.

The Coca-Cola company will be issuing their first TV ad to stress the affects of being obese and how they are going to do their bit to help the UK cut down on calories.

Coca-Cola have stated that this new recipe will hit the shops in this month of march.

The statement reads “We are introducing Sprite with Stevia in the UK. This will contain 30 per cent fewer calories and, instead of being added as a mid-calorie addition to the Sprite range, it will completely replace the current Sprite,”

‘It is an extract from the leaf of the stevia plant which is native to Paraguay. Stevia has been used for centuries as a source of intense, natural sweetness.’

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