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NHS Turns to Spain and Portugual to Make up for Nurse Shortage

A shortage in British Trained Nurses is forcing the NHS to look for staff overseas because they are struggling with current amount. At least 40 hospital trusts in England confirmed that they recruited staff from overseas in the last 12 months and a further 41 trusts said that they would be looking to recruit overseas [...]

Man aged 30 dies at Warehouse Nightclub After Taking Ecstacy

Nick Bonnie aged 30 collapsed at the warehouse project in greater Manchester early on Saturday. It is thought that he took ecstasy which caused his death. The police are now investigating to find out if it was a bad batch of ecstasy that caused his death. His devastated family want this to be a lesson [...]

Women who work Long Term Night Shifts Increase Risk of Breast Cancer

  According to researchers women who work night shifts for 30 or more years are twice as likely to develop breast cancer. The study looked at 1134 women with breast cancer and 1179 without and they looked at each women’s job history and focussed on shift patterns along with hospital reports. Around one in three [...]

The First Baby Born Using the Safer IVF Treatment

A healthy baby who is now nearly 8 years old has become the world’s first IVF baby that was created using the safer method. UK doctors at Hammersmith Hospital now hope that this news can help recognise the importance of this method and how it is much safer for people to opt for this treatment [...]

Do you Embrace Wrinkles or do you get rid?

Many people who reach the age of 40 soon fear wrinkles especially women and begin conscious that they are beginning to age and they are that same young person they once was. Women are very conscious of their wrinkles and would generally not want to have them but some think that wrinkles on people show [...]

New Accurate Down Syndrome Test

Experts say that a new more accurate test for Down’s syndrome has been developed and can be used earlier in pregnancy to determine if the baby has Down’s syndrome. The study that looked at 1,000 pregnancies found that the test is almost certain to show if the baby has been affected by Down’s. In the [...]

LIB Dem Jim Hume Hopes Smoking in Cars With an Under 16 Will be Made Illegal

A plan to be unveiled at Holyrood will ban Scots from smoking in their vehicles if children or child under the age of 16 are present. Lib Dem MSP Jim Hume hopes to introduce a private member’s bill that would see the smokers £60 if they took the law into their own hands. Jim Hume’s [...]

NHS Blunders of 2009-2012

Over 750 patients have been victims of some astonishing mistakes made by NHS doctors in the past four years. Probably the worst blunder that was done the most was leaving instruments in the body of the patients and this was done 322/762 times and you would have thought they would have learnt from their mistake. [...]

Prime Minister Scraps Cigarette Packet Plans

Reports have suggested that David Cameron has decided to scrap plans to introduce standardised cigarette packets in a hope put people off smoking cigarettes. Officials have been weighing up the plan for weeks but it is understood that the initiative will be announced during next weeks queens speech. But now reports have emerged and it [...]

Parents have been urged to give their youngsters the measles jab

Youngsters who missed out on the measles vaccination are being urged to have the jab to end the spread of the disease. Many children would have missed out on the vaccine during the late 1990s and 2000s due to the fact it was thought that the vaccine was linked to autism. Dr Alison Teale, a [...]

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