Archive for June, 2013

The First Baby Born Using the Safer IVF Treatment

A healthy baby who is now nearly 8 years old has become the world’s first IVF baby that was created using the safer method. UK doctors at Hammersmith Hospital now hope that this news can help recognise the importance of this method and how it is much safer for people to opt for this treatment [...]

Do you Embrace Wrinkles or do you get rid?

Many people who reach the age of 40 soon fear wrinkles especially women and begin conscious that they are beginning to age and they are that same young person they once was. Women are very conscious of their wrinkles and would generally not want to have them but some think that wrinkles on people show [...]

New Accurate Down Syndrome Test

Experts say that a new more accurate test for Down’s syndrome has been developed and can be used earlier in pregnancy to determine if the baby has Down’s syndrome. The study that looked at 1,000 pregnancies found that the test is almost certain to show if the baby has been affected by Down’s. In the [...]

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