Archive for November, 2013

What Hospitals may look like in the Future

  In the UK the current condition of Hospitals is quite good although it does have its problems like any other institution but considering how good it is now we want to know how hospitals may look in the future of say 10-20 years. The Introduction of Interactive Kiosks is something that we have already [...]

New Method of Scanning cuts Radiation Risk

According to doctors in London a new method for scanning children’s livers for tumours could prevent them from any unnecessary exposure to radiation. Children are more vulnerable to radiation and because of this they can increase the chances of developing cancer later in life if they are exposed to radiation from the current method. A [...]

Scientist say Cure for Hangover is Near

Scientist who are exploring the effects alcohol have on the brain have said that the possibility of have a great night filled with plenty of drinks can be accompanied with no hangover the next day is a very close reality. David Nutt a professor of neuropsychopharmacology identified five compounds that are effective alcohol surrogates that mimic [...]

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