Facts to Remember before Buying Custom Fit Gumshields

Facts to Remember before Buying Custom Fit Gumshields2

Gumshields are the devices which protect the mouth (the teeth and the gums to be precise). People involved in boxing or other competitive sports like football generally wear these mouth guards to ensure utmost safety. But what you might not know is the fact that there are other reasons for which you would require a mouth guard as well.

The Concept of Bruxism

  • The habit of grinding teeth while sleeping causes major attrition to the teeth and might pose a problem for the people who indulge in it. The habit is known as Bruxism.
  • Thus, if people having problem of grinding do not wear mouth guards, it becomes quite difficult for them to ensure the safety of their teeth. The disease is characterized by the people grating their teeth together while making unnatural grating noises.
  • The dentine structures of such people tend to get spoilt at an early age and thus, they need to look into other options like dentures which ensure that they have a presentable smile. But the only problem with Bruxism is the fact that without mouth guards, such people tend to disfigures the dentures in a short while as well.
  • It poses a great problem since the people already suffer from a low level of self confidence due to the unsatisfactory teeth structure. The frequent change in the dentures is another factor which involves a lot of financial burden on the people investing in it.
  • The only solution to such problems is night mouth guards. They may be available over the counter or you may choose to have them custom made by your dentist. The custom fit gumshields are preferable since in that case, you may ensure the comfort factor as well.

There are mainly three types of mouth guards. They are as follows.

1.       Stock Mouth guards

They are the ones which are available in the pre made condition. They may be purchased from the counter of any of the sportswear shops. They cost generally around €5 each. But these mouth guards can be extremely bulky and inconvenient, thereby, making the process of breathing through them almost impossible. But in case they carry CE (European Conformity) mark, they are usable without any issues. Dentists generally do not recommend such guards.

2.       Boil and Bite mouth guard

These custom fit gumshields are the ones which are also available over the counter. These mouth guards are generally made of a material that is thermoplastic in nature. All you need to do is to dip it in hot water and place the guard in your mouth. With the pressure applied by your teeth and tongue, the guard takes the shape of your dentine structure.

3.       Custom Fitted mouth guard

These are the best options available for you. The custom fit gumshield is made especially for you by your dentist or the specialized companies like Piranha Guard. This is the best option for you since it will be very comfortable and will be best suited for your mouth. The other functions of speaking and breathing will not be hampered in the process also.

The mouth guards offered by OPRO are the best quality and used by the players. In case the purchase is being made by a player, it is most important for them to first check how the guard fits them in case of comfort and other factors. Though custom fitted mouth guards are preferred by the most, the other two options may also be chosen in case the duration of wearing them is short enough. Along with the comfort factor, there are other factors like fitting which need to be looked into as well.

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