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LIB Dem Jim Hume Hopes Smoking in Cars With an Under 16 Will be Made Illegal

A plan to be unveiled at Holyrood will ban Scots from smoking in their vehicles if children or child under the age of 16 are present. Lib Dem MSP Jim Hume hopes to introduce a private member’s bill that would see the smokers £60 if they took the law into their own hands. Jim Hume’s [...]

NHS Blunders of 2009-2012

Over 750 patients have been victims of some astonishing mistakes made by NHS doctors in the past four years. Probably the worst blunder that was done the most was leaving instruments in the body of the patients and this was done 322/762 times and you would have thought they would have learnt from their mistake. [...]

Prime Minister Scraps Cigarette Packet Plans

Reports have suggested that David Cameron has decided to scrap plans to introduce standardised cigarette packets in a hope put people off smoking cigarettes. Officials have been weighing up the plan for weeks but it is understood that the initiative will be announced during next weeks queens speech. But now reports have emerged and it [...]

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