NHS Blunders of 2009-2012

Over 750 patients have been victims of some astonishing mistakes made by NHS doctors in the past four years.

Probably the worst blunder that was done the most was leaving instruments in the body of the patients and this was done 322/762 times and you would have thought they would have learnt from their mistake.

Other mistakes include wrong site surgery, misplaced feeding tubes and wrong implants/prosthesis and the depatment of health have labelled as ‘never events’ as they are that serious that they shouldn’t happen.

There was over 200 cases of surgery on the incorrect part of the bady which is astonishing and could be fatal for some patients.

One patient named Donna Bowcett had a constant abdominal pain that would not go away and once she had an x-ray it turned out to be a pair of seven inch forceps.

Dr Mike Durkin, director of patient safety for NHS England said: “Every single ‘never event’ is one too many.

“We need to understand what it is, in some systems and in some hospitals, that the team working hasn’t produced an effective outcome and a mistake, and a ‘never event’ has occurred.”

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