What Hospitals may look like in the Future

In the UK the current condition of Hospitals is quite good although it does have its problems like any other institution but considering how good it is now we want to know how hospitals may look in the future of say 10-20 years.

The Introduction of Interactive Kiosks is something that we have already seen implemented into hospitals with the most popular being a map of the hospital to help people find their way around. 

Another idea for kiosks will to add a quicker option when going to the front desk, instead you can go on a kiosk enter your details, your problem and avoid lining up to talk to someone.

There will also be an influx of new technology, whether it will be breakthrough technology is unknown but it is surely going to have more machines such as the MRI Scanner which is very limited in hospitals.

Lastly more advanced tools that can make doctors jobs that bit easier.


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