Drug Given License for children who suffer with Arthritis

Children in the UK who suffer from Juvenile arthritis can now take a new drug that could help them live normal lives.

The drug Tocilizumab is a specific drug for juvenile arthritis and has shown that it can improve symptoms by 70% in two-thirds of cases.

The condition which affects more than 1,000 children in the UK prevents them from doing simple activities including playing with friends which can be really damaging to their child hood.

It is shown that the drug significantly reduces flares.

Judi Rhys, chief executive of the charity Arthritis Care, said: “The licensing of RoActemra for pJIA is fantastic news for the children affected by this incurable condition, as it offers hope for the future and the potential to enjoy their childhood.

“We know, through our work on the Arthritis Care Young People’s Project in supporting families with children with arthritis, that a diagnosis of pJIA can be devastating for a child and their family. It impacts every aspect of a child’s life from schooling, to socialising and everything in between.”

Another tool that can help with arthritis is the Magic Opener which helps people who suffer with arthritis to open bottles and cans.

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