Website for HIV People to Marry

Nisha’s world was rocked when she learnt that she had contracted HIV and further test results confirmed that she had contracted it from her husband although she got the blame for it and was chucked out by her husband.

After this her husband divorced her and she lost her will to live.

She said: ”I wanted to kill my son and myself,

“I wanted to remarry but didn’t know how to find an HIV positive partner.”

A few years later she came across a website called which connects people who have HIV people and want to marry.

she soon found a husband and now at 42 lives a normal life with her husband and her 11 year old son.

The founder of the site Mr Valiv, 43, says he was inspired when a doctor told him of a story of a HIV man who was desperate to get married.

He said: ”He told the doctor that if he didn’t find an HIV positive match soon, he would marry a healthy woman without revealing his HIV status. The doctor was in a dilemma. That made me realise how difficult it was for such people to find a spouse.”

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