George King, Giant Baby Allowed to go Home

George king the baby who was born almost twice the size of an average baby has now returned to his home with his parents in Reddings, Cheltenham. He was born weighing 15 lbs 7 ounce.

He was born naturally at Gloucestershire Royal hospital but he was given a 10 percent chance of survival because his shoulders were so wide they he got stuck during the delivery.

He is now six weeks old and is 2ft 2in tall and has to wear baby cloths that are suitable for a six month-old baby.

The parents of the baby Jade and Ryan were left gutted after the traumatic birth when there giant baby could not breath for 20 minutes and had to be resuscitated.

But Big George Kind beat all the odds where he made a full recovery at a special baby unit at St Michael’s hospital in Bristol and now has been sent home to his grateful parents.

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