Judge: web sites for health

December 28, 2007 0 Comments

  • Experienced members, who respond when incorrect information is broadcast.
    • The use of Netiquette – rules of polite, supportive behaviour on the Internet. Produce a set of rules about acceptable behaviour that users must sign up to before participating. These rules should cover aspects such as: (a) only making supportive not critical comments; (b) staying on topic; (c) no insults, threats, swearing, abuse, obscene comments, and so on; (d) no discriminatory comments, for example, on race, gender, age, sexuality, religion, nationality; (e) no illegal comments, for example, libel; (f) ┬áno spamming; (g) no advertising or endorsement of products or services; (h) no impersonation.
    • Moderators who help the discussions stay supportive and within the rules. Moderators control what happens in the facility. (a) They register new members, tell them about the acceptable behaviour rules, prevent, delete or modify inappropriate messages, and ban offenders from the group. (b) Moderators can either deal with messages and offenders after the inappropriate message has been posted, or check all messages before hand. Checking beforehand can be very time consuming.