Judge: web sites for health

September 19, 2007 0 Comments

Give tips on how health consumers could best ask their doctor about information they have found on the Internet, for example, a piece of medical research, a particular therapy or drug.

Suggest they talk it over with a support group first. This could answer many of their questions. However you must make it clear that support groups cannot replace consultation with a doctor.

Advise them to make best use of the short consultation time they will have with a very busy doctor by:

  • selecting one piece of high quality information, from a professional medical source: (a) written by a doctor or medical researcher; (b) with the author’s name and details; (c) the date, and details of the source; (d) the Web address.
  • taking this to the consultation:
    (a) or sending the information in advance so the doctor has time to read it.

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