Judge: web sites for health

December 28, 2007 0 Comments

If your site is targeting groups with a first-language other than English, it might be appropriate for information to be provided in those languages as well.

Translating information into other languages is not simple.

  • There are Web sites offering automatic, computer translation but: (a) they only translate small amounts of text; (b) they only cover a few languages, usually the common European languages.
  • It needs a human translator.
  • Proper translation is more than just changing words, for example: (a) a literal translation of the English topic may not exist in some languages; (b) the translator needs to understand what the topic means to the people speaking the other language.
  • The Department of Health recommends that ‘back’ translation is carried out on all translated materials, which means: (a) a different translator translates the final draft back into English to check that the meaning is correct.

You must consider your ability to set up and manage foreign language content and whether you have the funding to do so.

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