Scotland spending more than England on health

The national audit office has found the England is to be spending £1,900 per person and in Scotland it shows £2,072 per person, which is a 10% higher than England when Wales were at 2,017 and in N Ireland it was at 2,106.

This is the first time NAO has done this survey about the NHS spending; this new information is done because people in Westminster have asked to due to them believing the people in England are getting poorer service.

People in England also have to pay for their prescription while Scotland, N Ireland and Wales do not. Is it also noted that there are 1,124 stuff for 100,000 people in Scotland and in England there are 846.

Amyas Morse, head of the NAO, said: “We consider that there would be value in the health departments in the four nations carrying out further work to investigate the variations in performance and identify how they can learn from each other to achieve better value for money for taxpayers and better care for patients.”

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