Experts Call on to Goverment to put in Place Minimum Alcohol Price

Experts have called onto the government to put in place the minimum alcohol price that they are planning sooner to combat the UK’s alcohol problem by putting a 50p minimum price per unit.

The plan has already been put in place in Scotland and now experts fear if it is not put in place in England before it gets left behind.

But a burning question on a lot of peoples lip is how effective will this be and will it lead to further problems if people from a working class pay these extra prices they may not have enough money to pay their bills or for food resulting in more problems.

It puts the saying the rich get richer and the poor just get poorer.


Using Tablets Before bed Could Affect Your Sleep

According to scientist using your phone, tablet or console before you go to bed could interrupt your sleep.

The study fromLighting Research Center (LRC) suggests that the display on these gadgets can cause melatonin suppression which is the chemical that controls our body clock.

The associate professor,Mariana Figueiro said’Our study shows that a two-hour exposure to light from self-luminous electronic displays can suppress melatonin by about 22 percent,’ 

The researchers have now asked manufactures to test their products and to potentially put an automatic dimming tool.

Male Contraceptive Pill ?

A male contraceptive pill that has been tested on animals could become a reality in the future.

The Pill works by reduce the amount sperm that males produce without taking away their sex drive. It is still too early to say if this pill will find itself on the shelf but it is one a few alternatives to male contraception.

When the pill was tested on animals it proved to be a success with animals able to produce healthy babies when they were taken of the pill. The great thing about this pill is that it doesn’t have any bad side effects but for now only time will tell.

Scotland spending more than England on health

The national audit office has found the England is to be spending £1,900 per person and in Scotland it shows £2,072 per person, which is a 10% higher than England when Wales were at 2,017 and in N Ireland it was at 2,106.

This is the first time NAO has done this survey about the NHS spending; this new information is done because people in Westminster have asked to due to them believing the people in England are getting poorer service.

People in England also have to pay for their prescription while Scotland, N Ireland and Wales do not. Is it also noted that there are 1,124 stuff for 100,000 people in Scotland and in England there are 846.

Amyas Morse, head of the NAO, said: “We consider that there would be value in the health departments in the four nations carrying out further work to investigate the variations in performance and identify how they can learn from each other to achieve better value for money for taxpayers and better care for patients.”

Anorexia hits boy who is six

A teenager was under-nourished and his body was falling apart he weight was just 4 and a half stone. Among 2007 and 2011, 167 boys aged under 18 were given urgent situation treatment at hospitals or expert units, figures from NHS trusts in England and Wales.

That is a dreadful 65 per cent boost from the previous five years, when 101 boys had been admitted with anorexia.

The amount of girls aged 17 or younger admitted with anorexia nervosa has also shot up from 1,192 between 2002 and 2006 to 1,662 between 2007 and 2011 that’s a increase of 39 percent.

“Boys nowadays are experiencing as much pressure as girls when it comes to body image. There certainly needs to be more emphasis put on education in schools to build children’s self-esteem.” A spokeswoman for the eating disorder charity Beat

Abortion rate on the rise

The figure of abortions in England and Wales has risen somewhat for the subsequent year running, according to new statistics.

There were 189,931 abortions performed for women occupant in England and Wales in 2011, a 0.2 per cent increase on the 189,574 figure in 2010 and 7.7 per cent extra than the 176,364 total in 2001, statistics available on the division of Health website have exposed.

The rise comes after the 2010 shape also registered a small boost on the previous year – up 0.3 per cent on the 189,100 total in 2009.

In spite of the raise, the abortion rate last year remained unaffected on the 2010 figure at 17.5 per 1,000 women aged 15 to 44 years old.

Ann Furedi, chief executive of the British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS) said: “Abortion is a fact of life, because contraception fails and from time to time we fail to use it properly.

“It is a service that one third of women will require in the course of their reproductive lifetimes so they can map the timing and size of their families, and play a full role in culture.

“There is no ‘right’ number of abortions over and beyond ensuring that every woman who needs to end an superfluous pregnancy can do so, and that obstacles are not put in the way of her accessing supportive services as quickly as possible.

“What matters most is that all women can access the contraception that is most suitable to them, and that services are able to put up all age groups.”



Healthy eating costs less

In Washington an agriculture department study released yesterday found that most fruits and vegetables costs less the foods with high in fat and salt.

The government said it depends on what you look at if you’re looking at price per calorie then pastries and processed food seems like a barging compared to fruits and vegetables.

All this is saying that bananas, apple, lettuce and beans are less expensive then soft drinks, ice cream and French fries.

In an example: a bar of chocolate with 240 calories might now fill you up but a banana with 105 calories just might.

“Some of these calories are in fact empty calories, so from the standpoint of nutrition they are not terrific,” Dr Drewnowski said. “But the empty calories keep you from being hungry, and this is why people buy them, especially lower-income people.” AP


Health chiefs spend £18,000 of taxpayers’ money for advice on winning awards

Health chiefs have paid a lobbying firm nearly £18,000 of taxpayers’ money for advice on how to win awards.
NHS County Durham set up a ‘corporate improvement team’ which employed a firm called Awards Intelligence for tips on ways to ‘raise your profile and enhance your reputation’.
‘It shows how out of line things became, behind the scenes, with the
administration and bureaucracy of so many of our public services.’
Under the Government’s controversial NHS shake-up, PCTs will be axed next year and replaced with GP-led organisations that will buy health care from public and private bodies.
But the trust – now called NHS County Durham and Darlington, following a merger – defended the payments as a way to encourage staff to ‘increase quality, productivity and reduce costs’.
A spokesman for Awards Intelligence confirmed that the firm provided advice to NHS County Durham prior to its success in winning a Best Business Award.
He said: ‘This is a prestigious award, set up to highlight and reflect great
achievement in business and the public sector.
‘The awards are administered and marketed by Awards Intelligence, but the winners are selected by an independent panel of judges.’
NHS County Durham was also shortlisted for a second prize with Awards
Intelligence’s help, but the nature of that award was not revealed.
Awards Intelligence describes itself as the ‘world’s leading business awards and personal honours experts’, urging potential clients: ‘Receive the recognition you deserve.’
Last year it was revealed that the company had recruited Lord Mackenzie of Framwellgate, the ex-chief superintendent of Durham police, as its
non-executive chairman.
The story kicked off a storm, as three MBEs from the region accused the peer – a former president of the Police Superintendents’ Association – of bringing the honours system into disrepute.
Mary Hawgood, Ron Dickie and Alan Ribchester, all from Durham City, said
commercial lobbying was tarnishing the tradition.


‘Millions’ to be spent on health management consultants

Minister Edwin Poots said spending millions of pounds on consultancy work would help save money in the long run.

Ernst and Young has received an initial payment of around £600,000 to draw up local population plans.

The firm will provide information such as the number of adults, children and admissions to local hospitals.

Last year, the review team said the number of acute hospitals in Northern Ireland will probably have to be cut from 10 to five.

Such a move would not necessarily mean closing five hospitals, but they would lose A&E services and emergency surgery provision.

The review also recommended that much greater emphasis should be placed on treating people in their own homes and in the community.

The top 5 reasons you need to exercise

1. Be a good role model
Your younger family member look up to you they want to you to stay healthy and be with them as long as possible.

2. Lower your risk for disease
kicking your fitness up a notch has even greater benefits. Regular exercise has been shown to boost mood and banish anxiety, and lower your risk for stroke.

3. Get motivated to do something you enjoy
In the beginning you will strugle if you are not fit, but if you keep up with the exercise, your body starts to learn the steps.

4. Take some time for yourself
solo exercise gives you the opportunity to have a few moments of peace and quiet, think about future goals, and take some much-deserved “you” time.

5. Ease back pain and improve your posture
A daily regimen of stretches and exercise can also do wonders for your back. By strengthening your core abdominal muscles, you’ll increase your overall strength.


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