Top five healthy snacks

when you want something to eat quickly but you cannot afford to eat fatty food then here the the top 5 healthy snacks for you.

  1. Two dark rye Ryvitas with Marmite on top (fibre and vitamin B). So umami it’s really satisfying!
  2. Activia fat-free vanilla yogurt, 125g (calcium and probiotics). Incredibly creamy and delicious. Eat with a teaspoon, lasts ages.
  3. Kallo rice cake with smear of peanut butter on top (good fats). Filling and yummy.
  4. Tablespoon of cake decoration chocolate drops (10g) and tablespoon pumpkin seeds (10g) (good fats and protein). Surprising how many drops and seeds you get and how long they take to eat!
  5. Medium hard-boiled egg, sliced, on two pieces melba toast (protein, vitamins). Add a tad of salt – heaven! Melba toast is only 12 or 13 cals a slice.

Top 5 Tips for Staying Healthy

1) Be practical, but picky. Choose those special treats that are really only available during the holiday season and pass on foods that you can enjoy at anytime of the year.

2) Keep expectations in check. The holidays bring heightened expectations of perfection that many times, even in the best of circumstances, fall short. Manage expectations and concentrate on those activities that are most important and most meaningful and that bring joy to yourself and others

3) Make sure you move. Maintaining your current exercise program or building in a brisk walk when time-challenged will help deal with the stress of the added obligations during the holiday season.

4) Stay connected. Connect with family and friends. For individuals who have experienced a major loss, local hospitals, hospices and support groups can provide support networks during the holidays.

5) Pay attention to portions. Eat normally during the day; don’t skip meals throughout the day just to eat more at a social gathering later. Arriving at a party hungry is a set-up for overeating. Having a healthy snack (fruit, vegetables or yogurt) and a glass of low-fat or skim milk before you go out will help with control and moderation when coming face-to-face with the buffet table of party foods.


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